Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blogger and Bauhaus

Let us take a moment, or maybe a few eons, to praise the work of bunch of folks who have given us a bit of truth and beauty and clarity in this crazy world.

Blogger.  Where else can someone who is a complete neophyte actually navigate toward a somewhat comprehensible blog (even if I do try to be succinct but inevitably turn into the long-winded lady...), a blog that even gets to have some of the bells and whistles?  The product is so clear, so beautifully put together, so intuitive, that even I can do this.  You guys rock.  All of your hard work makes this look easy...which brings me to the next thought...

Gropius & Bauhaus.  For the past few months, every road I have taken seems to have brought me back to Bauhaus.  Weimar, Albers, Gropius, Jena...and I find myself with only the beginning of understanding.  But, to be in Weimar last summer, and stand in the Bauhaus Museum, and see what these amazing men and women created: it is still too stunning to me, the breadth of it. Many of the photos that dot my blogs are from the museum and surrounds.  Again, their desire to bring clarity and beauty, combined with form and function, to all those who use design--i.e., everyone--continually reminds me that we are all indebted to these folks...and, as I wish to truly thank those at blogger, past and present, for their amazing work, I'd like to put you guys in the company of the great ones.  Thanks, again.