Sunday, May 18, 2008

Great art, like great truth, can be found in some unexpected places.

Like the Bauhaus photos, I took this, also, last a sweet town a few klicks away from Weimar:  Jena, Germany.

Jena is lovely, in so many ways; a university town, a town with historical importance--Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss were instrumental in ushering in our modern world here, thanks to their work with optics--and it is a town where, it seems to me, the economy is still very difficult, even twenty years after the Wall came down.  

East Germany could not have been an easy place to live...and even today, some people who might be great graphic artists here--in Silicon Valley--seem to be taggers in Jena.  

At least, I suppose, they have found a voice.  This bright voice, above, remains stuck in my head, and seems quite charming, indeed.

Great art is in the eye of the beholder; the great truths are in your heart.