Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lighter Fare, A Sweet Relief: Mrs. Mustard's Baby Faces

On a lighter is the book no baby should be without: 
by the glorious Jane Wattenberg....
it's the absolute must-have board book for any and every baby. Period. The end.  Just take a look at it and you'll see why.  

We, in this house, loved the book to pieces (which is pretty hard to do with a board book). Well, it wasn't really pieces, but we loved it so much and so well that I had a good excuse to go out and get another one.  And every time there is a new baby in our lives, one more "Mrs. Mustard" is purchased and placed in the wee one's trundle bed (or what have you), because every baby needs a good book to chew on--and think about.  This is the book for them.  

You should go out and get yours now. "Mrs. Mustard's Baby Faces" is a glorious romp through baby land, with all of it's wild, endearing--and, sometimes, exasperating--emotions...these Mustard babies, they have it all!  

(And there's much more 
where that came from..
each one a new treat for the eyes!)