Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Prayer for Parker Boyd

I have a request: please take a few moments to say a prayer for a beautiful boy, Parker Boyd, and for his family. Parker has been battling cancer for several years now, and his mother--while working at a full-time job in the Fairfax County Public School system, and doing all the other various and sundry things that full-time moms (i.e., moms who work at home all day and moms who also work outside the house) do--has spent countless days and nights, by his side, in the hospital.

In the last few months, Parker's battle finally seemed, at times, to have been won; but things are not always as they seem. Last Saturday--May 21st--Parker eagerly participated in the "Relay for Life:" nearing the end of a particularly grueling round of radiation treatments, his mother wrote that, "we remain hopeful that the finish line is in sight." On Sunday, Parker woke up and was almost unable to stand.  He is attended, right now, by hospice volunteers.  

Please say a prayer for Parker, for his mother, Karin, father, Mark, and for his big brother, Austin.