Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Felicia Hoshino

Made me cry. Well, looking at her artwork made me cry. Like a baby. Her work is luminous: it is rendered beautifully, in a masterful way that is vivid and touching. I wish you could see it in person, as we did, year before last, during the always-remarkable Reading the World, at USF.

A Place Where Sunflowers Grow, written by Amy Lee-Tai, and illustrated by Felicia Hoshino. Yep. It's the art from that book that made me cry (I'm still a little embarrassed by it: when I went up to congratulate Felicia, after she gave a delightful presentation, I couldn't talk & got all choked up. I think it was truly the beauty of her work--the soul that is contained within--that readily shines through. When you see that sort of thing, it is not bad to be so moved. It is good. Amy Lee-Tai's story, greatly inspired, is an important one, and I think every child would benefit from knowing it.) 

I am sure that many great things will continue to come from Felicia. I can't wait.

And, pleasepleaseplease, don't miss the Michiya Hanayagi Dancer, on the website. Fabulous.

Photo above is from The Presidio, which is a hop skip and a jump from USF. You can take a spin through it's marvelousness when you come out to attend Reading the World, 2009. See you there.