Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ah, yes...

This is what we're talking about. 

One more shot of my old backyard, segueing into the topic at hand: footprints, signs of life in the universe...Laura Atkins, of Tocka's World of Children's Literature (see blogroll, at right) is wondering what I've been wondering...and Publisher's Weekly is in on it, too...and, I'd venture, a few hundred (nay, thousands?) of authors and illustrators are thinking these things.

Previous posts on this very site are in agreement with David Levithan, who predicts--see the Publisher's Weekly article--that: "...books will not go away but may become more valuable, collectible objects..." 

Change is inevitable, yes? 

Let's usher in a marvelous new age of literature, one that will serve the hearts and minds and imaginations of today's youth, and tomorrow's. Let's embrace moving forward, and do it with grace and wisdom. So many new ways to bring art and books to children. What could be better?