Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OMG: I missed Beatrix Potter at the Airport

Okiedokie, I was on a plane coming back from Oahu and I missed Beatrix Potter's birthday (28 July). So, here's a shout out to Peter Rabbit and crew and a few links to the farm critters who have changed the lives of millions of lucky children. Tonight, for old time's sake, dig out a copy or two of one of these classics and thumb through some of the most gorgeous art ever created for books.

Better yet, read the books to a few more lucky kids...and read with gaiety and emphasis...and a little bit of a British accent, if you can muster it. Pass out carrots afterwards, and have a Farmer McGregor Parade. Or something. (And, lordy, if there is marching with carrots, grab a I wish I had a picture or two of our old pajama parades...these children, they grow much faster than Peter and kin.)