Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alexandra Boiger (a.k.a. Alexandra the Great)

The funny thing about blogging is that...well, it's funny. You think maybe what you have to post is important, you wonder if anyone on earth ever reads any of your posts (aren't 2 million other people posting at this very second?), you kind of wonder why you are posting, then you wonder what all this navel gazing is about.

Well, that's what happens to me. But, here's the thing: if I go on with this little blog--which is certainly a meandering blogglet now, but does have a higher purpose, which I hope to buckle down and start to work toward a little more diligently once I shake the wander-dust off my flip-flops and vacationitis off my brain...if I do go on with this, there are a few things I hope to accomplish (see above, higher purpose). One of them is to tell the world that there walk, amongst us, illustrators and authors who exhibit great genius, really truly true genius: "put their stuff in the Met (see below)" genius. 

Take, for instance, Alexandra Boiger
who's lovely illustrations for 
just came out, and are being glowingly reviewed. 
Emily Jenkins--the ravishingly wise author
 of said book--and Alexandra have teamed up to create 
How lucky, for all of us! 

Having been fortunate enough to be in a good handful of illustrator's studios in the last 20 years, I must tell you that Alexandra's is the only one I cried in (okay, I've cried once before, as you'll see if you comb through these posts, but not in someone's studio, wordlessly--I could not find the terms to tell Alexandra how beautiful her painting was--and fumbling blindly for kleenex, so I didn't mess up the watercolor I was crying over...and yes, dear reader, I came to my senses and scooted backwards and did not harm the painting).

Alexandra's work, in person, is as marvelous 
and magical--not to mention as delightful and charming--as she is. 
Her painting--she employs both oil and watercolor--her draftsmanship 
(in her hands, pencils are tools of divinity)...as well as her work on film 
(our Ms. Boiger has a fascinating background)...
again, it's all just too marvelous for words. So:

Wait 'til you see what other goodies are in store from Alexandra the Great. 
It just gets better.

I'm also adding many, many thanks to our own wildly talented Miss-Rumphius-Herself (a.k.a., Katherine Tillotson) for the heads-up on the PW review of "The Little Bit Scary People."

Katherine has a delightful habit of sending the best of the internet into our email boxes. She, also, is magical. Just take a look at her art, and you'll see for yourself.

Photo, above: another miraculous Met hand, as mentioned below...