Saturday, August 23, 2008

Father Fox's Pennyrhymes: An a.b.c. Classic

It has been quieter than usual, of late, in the Thorne household. 

This evening, I can't help thinking of a time that doesn't seem that far away and yet seems like another world ago. One of the favorite, favorite books to read before bed--gosh, more than 15 years ago--was Father Fox's Pennyrhymes, written by Clyde Watson and illustrated by her sister, Wendy Watson. It seems to be a great classic to me. The poems within are sweet and soothing and have a nice bit of slightly tart humor in them...the illustrations fit perfectly. 

And it is a tart, sweet joy to open the book and well remember being a weary young mom sitting on the edge of a bed with three little children who are tired and sleepy and ready for just one more page. The book is perfect for this. Not too short, not too long. Just right. Just like this:

Miss Quiss!
Look at this! 
A pocketful of 
You may have some 
If you wish, 
But every stick will
Cost a kiss.

Goodnight, Thorne kids everywhere. 
There's a pocketful of licorice waiting for you at home.