Saturday, August 9, 2008

THE WALL has been included on the 2008-2009 Illinois Read for a Lifetime Master List

The magnificent Peter Sis tells us a bit about his father's bestselling book, "The Counting of the Noodles in the Spring Soup," remembers Chinese cooking in Czechoslovakia during the communist regime, and shows us some of his earliest illustrations. Wonderful stuff. 

Congrats, also, on the newest award, above, that "The Wall" has garnered. Few books emerge clearly destined to be classics. "The Wall" has done so, and the reception that it has received, worldwide, only serves to highlight this fact. Well done, Mr. Sis. And much appreciated.

"Read for a Lifetime is the first statewide reading program to target high school students. The primary goal of the program is to promote the enjoyment of reading, by encouraging students to read both classic and contemporary literature, and rewarding them for their effort."