Sunday, August 31, 2008

Want to floss the definition of T.K. by you...

T.K., from here on out (as far out as I can see, anyhow), in these blogs (art.books.children and victoriathornedesign), is Thorne Kids. Because, about a hundred times a week, I think in the language they have brought home, which is not always the language of the American Heritage Dictionary (which I adore). And writing "as my kids say..." seems infinitely boring to me, so I can only imagine what delirium it would inspire in you, dear reader. 

So, T.K. says...that'll be it.

Example? Our redhead wrote, recently, from somewhere on a train in Europa: "So peace and love everyone, feel free to call me anytime, I'll floss my amazing travels on you a bit."

Here, there are several things going on:
  • I was very happy (nay, thrilled) to hear from him.
  • I was hoping everyone didn't actually call him, at least not for more than 3.5 minuten, because of our prospective at&t bill.
  • I was amused by the peace and love part, harkening back to backpacking-through-Europe dreams of the 60's. 
  • I'd never heard floss used this way, and--unless it's a typo on the train--it seems quite marvelous to me. And apropos.
There you have it. Whatever it is. 

Peace and love, everyone, feel free to call me on this. As long as you are in the continental United States.