Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Celebrating 100 and Counting... (+Censored!)

This little blogglet has reached 100 (posts)...and, since it seems to have been born under a wandering star (what we set out to do and how we get there, if we get there, or where we actually get to...that is the question, is it not?)...well, to celebrate, it seemed a good idea to bring you a wonderful link to censored books. 

What? Why? Well...

Censoring is somewhat in the news these days. 

And, it just makes me wonder: what on earth are these people thinking? 

You'll probably be as amazed (and amused) as I am:

  • Witchcraft in the Wild Things!
  • Eurocentric Snobbery in Babar!
  • A Black Rabbit and a White Rabbit...Together, In Print!
  • The Rapscallious William Steig shows an Animal with Tobacco!
  • Actual Children who Are Not Punished for Being Mean on the Playground!
  • And...gasp...Red Riding Hood Brings a Basket, with Wine and Food in it, to Her Grandmother!

All of these "salacious" things have been, at one time or another, censored from libraries...all without clear reason or wise thought, it would appear. One simply has to shake their head in wonder. Would that the energy these censor-happy folks expend on children's literature might be directed toward select purveyors of tobacco and alcohol who saturate the media with images clearly (but fairly cleverly disguised, speaking of Big Bad Wolves & Joe Camel) directed toward under-age consumers...

Come on, leave the kids alone...  

For every tightly-buttoned marm or master out there who wants to criticize and/or censor a piece of children's literature, let me remind you of what Milo learned in the Phantom Tollbooth...

Keep your words sweet. 
You may have to eat them.