Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Faster than a Speeding Bullet: Get thee to the Bookstore, NOW

Well, Nathan Bransford has just implored us all to go buy books for the best possible reason. Here.

(As though I needed a reason to buy books.)

Therefore, now, I say unto you: give books for Christmas, and Hanukkah, and what are you doing New Year's Eve? Hanging out in a bookstore, I hope, and buying books. 

Since we are all on a budget these days (understatement alert), remember: there are scads and scads of books on sale (as in: "such a bargain, on sale!"). So, go get 'em. They're waiting for you. Easy to wrap. Easy to send. Sets your mind at ease: shopping for holidays, DONE. Check.

Then curl up with hot tea and biscuits (and chocolate? from Anni, perhaps? Hey, you can splurge a bit: look at all the cash you just saved!) and read (yep) a good book. Or twenty.

Above, Grant Morrison + Frank Quitely: