Friday, November 7, 2008

Never Cry Woof: DELICIOUS!

Today, we're giving you a little peek 
at Sadie Mae vonPeet's (see wet nose, above)
 favorite book, written by the brilliant 
and charged with the most delightful, rollicking romp 
through "wooterville" 
(as the TK used to call dogs and their domains) you'll ever see.

 It's absolutely a book that's 
ahead of it's time; 
the visuals are scintillating 
and draw any reader in...
a wonderful roller-coaster of a ride 
through a (fabulous) dogs life.

Jane is a photographer with great foresight. 
Her incredible vitality and vibrant, delicious vision  
shines through in all of her work, 
giving it the elusive element that takes illustration
a step beyond, into ART. 

Jane's got it...her words have it...
her photos fairly dance off of the page with it. 
It's a most delightful experience to encounter any of her books.
And that's the Woof.