Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If Only Little Roger Had Had One of These

I saw one of these kits yesterday, and almost bought it for my sister (your birthday is imminent, happy girl!). She and I created libraries for our books, and her filing system was always precise, a wonder to behold (my filing started off well, but I'd get sidetracked...my bookshelves looked pretty good, though: utilitarian, but somehow groovy...it was 1969, after all).

Thus, it amused me to see Roger Sutton's comment this morning...sounds as though he had date-due paditis, also. 

And how odd that, when I skipped over, seconds after Reading Roger, to another favorite blogger - the delectable Cup of Jo - she'd just posted what we'd all been dreaming of. (Thank you, dear Jo. You are part March, perhaps?) Roger and Lindi and I might have loved finding this personal library kit under the tree (lo, those many years ago!), don't you think? 

Ah, the power of the date-due. I used to watch in awe as the stamp went down on the book, marking it forever, giving me an expiration chill. Had to get home and read, quickly, before my time was up. 

So much better to stamp it yourself (or just create your own art, as little Roger did).