Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Your Lone Journey

Your Lone Journey was published in 1986.
 It was M. B. Goffstein's 25th book, the first she'd ever 
illustrated with the words of another author. 

The book is stunning; without a doubt, one of the 
most eloquent expressions of love I've ever seen. 

It was published as an adult book. 

It is utterly timeless.

Reading it, the first time, might break 
your heart with happiness.

Reading it again (and again), there is sweet 
comfort in the brilliant marriage 
of words and pictures, grief and joy.

"Brooke Goffstein had long wanted to explore
the theme of true love in a book. When she
first heard 'Your Lone Journey' sung by John
Hartford on his album Gum Tree Canoe (Flying Fish 
Records), she recognized it as the exact expression 
of what love is, and what real marriage means. 
She got Rosa Lee and Doc Watson's album 
The Watson Family (both records erroneously call it 
'Your Long Journey') and played the two recordings
again and again, until several years later she 
could illustrate the stanzas with color."

quote: jacket flap of 
Your Lone Journey