Friday, May 15, 2009

oh, frances!

"Frances was in the broom closet, singing:
Happy Thursday to you,
Happy Thursday to you,
Happy Thursday, dear Alice,
Happy Thursday to you.

'Who is Alice?' asked Mother.

'Alice is somebody that nobody can see,' 
said Frances. 'And that is why 
she does not have a birthday. 
So I am singing Happy Thursday to her.'

'Today is Friday,' said Mother.

'It is Thursday for Alice,' said Frances. 
'Alice will not have h-r-n-d, 
and she will not have g-k-l-s. 
But we are singing together.'

'What are h-r-n-d and g-k-l-s?' asked Mother.

'Cake and candy. 
I thought you could spell,' 
said Frances."

by Russell Hoban
illustrated by
Lillian Hoban

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