Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Words and Pictures: Living with Books

Few joys in childhood equal the moment one opens a book, looks at a page, and sees something so delightful it seems that it was put there just for you.  

For a child who lives in a house full of books, there are moments of joy all over...one simply has to open one and fall in...  

That was the kind of house I grew up in, and it is the kind of house I have now.  

It is the kind of house I wish every child could live in, for reading and looking and thinking and loving books are great things for children to do, and these things are often much easier when there are books to love on every shelf and table, books in every room, books being read at night before bed and books being brought to the breakfast table because you simply don't want to be without them.... 

It's a world I wish all children could have, this world of books.  

To create an little living room full of books, that's the aim here.  

Spend a moment browsing, take a second to look at a sweet story you might have loved long ago or will love long into the future: an old story, a new one...well-loved and well-brought up, shiny and new or tattered and soft from years of rapt attention. 

They'll drift in, bit by bit, these books; I hope they seem delightful, and--best of all--put there just for you.