Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twyla rings Maurice on Sundays. How Cool is That?

From Twyla Tharp's 

"Q. Does anyone in your life regularly inspire you? 

 A. Maurice Sendak. I talk to him every Sunday, and he always provides the best chuckle of the week. He's the only person with whom I can just blurt, uncensored. And he does the same thing. We're like two wicked children. It's a delight..."
Well, it's a delight to me to just think of these two brilliants gabbing and laughing and going on about stuff on the phone. Too Cool For Words, actually. 

Thanks, Merlin, for the recommendation. Twyla's book rocks.

Above, another too cool for words moment: 
Lifelike Tales, choreographed by Vivian Thorne, 
at UCDavis this spring. Oh, it was wonderous. 
Sweet to remember.