Saturday, October 11, 2008

"It may amuse you, Mother, to try to photograph during your solitude at Freshwater."

Impossible to tire of it. Endlessly inspirational.

In New York this summer, was fortunate enough to see 
the real thing in an exhibit...was it at the Metropolitan

She has the most amazing history. It seems as though the entire Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite age, including each of the Bloomsbury aesthetes, exists within two degrees of separation from Cameron. 

My favorite thing, at this moment in time? 
She started taking pictures at the age of 48. 

(The title of this post is the quote that accompanied 
her first camera, a gift from her daughter.) 

Lots of folks, including "real" photographers and friends and her "victims" (as Tennyson called them), made light of her efforts. She continued, relentlessly. 

And just look where it got her.

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