Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meet The Unquiet Library

Last weekend, searching twitter for any Peter Sis mentions, I came upon The Unquiet Librarian. Several posts ensued. I linked to Buffy (said librarian) on twitter. I sent her a tweet (how strange to be using this language, but there it is) when Peter Sis joined (here! you can link, too) twitter (thanks to the magnificent Eric Case)

Today, I found myself stopping by one of Buffy's blogs again (it has become habit forming). And, after one week, I can tell you this: I'm not really sure Buffy sleeps a lot. This woman gets an incredible amount of stuff done. (And there are so many who benefit from her work!) 

Buffy Hamilton and Ruth Fleet are on to the most amazing thing: they've created The Unquite Library (which, today, has an incredibly moving tribute by author Laurie Halse Anderson). It's on the web. (It's sort of all over the web.) And I am amazed and delighted and thoroughly pleased to bring them to you (and will probably do so again and again). 

The reason I started this blog was that I was convinced that children and young adults would be finding their books on the web....their art on the web...and an awful lot of answers (and, obviously, questions) on the web. And I had high hopes that we could band together and make sure that this will be done in the way that is best for the children. 

There will always be real books (the kind we all love, made with paper and ink all those good things), but there will be...there begins to much more: the future is wide open... 

Just as the delivery of news is undergoing revolutionary change, so must (and is) publishing. It's just the beginning. How wonderful that the Unquiet Library is helping to lead the way!

Thanks, Unquiet Library. Onward!

It's all very exciting, really, isn't it?