Friday, July 11, 2008

"...where on earth is she going with that?"

If you've been following artbookschildren--or just got here--you might be wondering where on earth I'm going with all of this...I submit, herewith, a mission statement of sorts:

It's about how art and literature will be delivered to children in the future. Not the future tomorrow...for that, just take a glance at some of the varied, erudite, and exceedingly knowledgeable folks on the lower right, at blogs elsewhere. 

Read Roger, 7 Impossible Things, the Longstockings, + others...they'll all give you the best possible vantage point on children's literature today, methinks.

It's the day after tomorrow 
that I care about. 
In 5 years--
and 10 years, and 20--
how will children receive 
good art, great literature, 
thought-provoking ideas:
how can we, the grown-ups, provide it 
in the best possible way?

In 5 years--probably much sooner, actually--the world of
children's literature will be quite different: a bold new universe with exceedingly wonderful literary vehicles with which to reach the young. 

Let's reach them in the best possible way, shall we, with 
the best possible material? 

They are the future.
Let's do the best we can for them.