Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back To School and My Backyard

Okay, so....we are back to full-time school this week: high school, at a great place. But it is amazing to me, after having three other children go through high school, that it is not something I have mastered, this "going back to school week" (or first several weeks). Therefore, proffered above is a shot of the backyard of the house we lived in, in Haleiwa. This is my happy place, the place that that I "go to" when I need to think of something calming.

When I was three years old that salt water must've really gotten into my system.

In the spirit of sharing, as we weather this back-to-school moment, I thought it would be nice to give this happy place to you, also. You can use it whenever you like. Just close your eyes, wiggle your toes, think of a warm Hawaiian breeze and wait. Pretty soon, you might just hear the waves rushing up to meet you.