Monday, August 25, 2008

Paintbox Summer

Realizing that it is surely of another age, and has lots of bit and pieces of stuff that aren't probably politically correct, 50 years on (it was my mother's book, passed down to me)...can I still enthuse about "Paintbox Summer," by Betty Cavanna? It made me want to live in Provincetown and paint. It made me happy. Just looking at the old cover still makes me happy. But, when I read the synopsis on alibris, I just know that "gay peasant decorations" clearly reflects the praise of another age.

I thought of this after listing "A Girl Can Dream" in the last post. Another oldie brought to you by Ms. Cavanna. It's another book from my mom's once-upon-a-time library that makes me--yes, again, just plain happy--simply by sitting on my slightly-crowded (!) bookshelf.

Above, from earlier this summer, at the Met: 
a grasshopper which was once, perhaps, 
a gay peasant decoration.