Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Blown away by picasso at the moma...": It's how you frame it, right?

"Our ideas can enslave or liberate us.
The shift from medievalism to the modern age was
a change in ideology, not just in theory...

...the transition from one intellectual age to another can be
traumatic and protracted. Some people never do make
the transition and remain resident in the old worldview,
their ideological comfort zone.
Those who see the future and ride ahead to meet it are often
thought of as mad or heretical, or worse.
The modern worldview is dominated still
by the ideology that came to replace medievalism:
the ideology of rationalism,
objectivity and of propositional knowledge.
These ideas frame our attitudes and theories every bit as much
as myth and superstition underpinned
the painstaking calculations of the medieval astronomers.
Just as their ideology created the framework for their questions,
so does ours."