Monday, August 18, 2008

"Sorry, but reading is not dying." Posted by Hudson, August 16th on Paper Cuts

Hiphiphooray for Hudson, who submitted the above quote in the comments section of the NYT's bookblog, Paper Cuts (which is worth spending more than a few minutes on, if you haven't already).

The whole enchilada is good skimming ("The Art of Reading"), but my cheer goes out to Hudson's clear words:
Reading has taken an oral swerve in contemporary culture that the literary set hasn't quite found the answer to, from books-on-tape, to YouTube, to open mic. All of which, I am happy to say, fits within the larger context of the solitary reader and the text, whether on screen or printed page. And, no, the ink does not smear.
Go Hudson! Thanks for putting it out there. Couldn't have said it better myself, 'tho I've tried to, numerous times, in this here little blog.