Friday, October 31, 2008

The Art of Jackie Morris

Jackie Morris wrote to us a little while back about "We Are All Born Free," and it seems that one of the best treats we could offer, right now, is a peek at her art: click here for the website, here for the delectable "We Three, Ginger Cats Tales" blog. It's also clear that the legend of The Snow Leopard is haunting; one can simply take a look at the illustration, below, to see the shimmering magic that brings Jackie's work to life. Exquisite.

There's a lovely bit here that's a special early-winter treat: take a look at Jackie's incredible work at "The Very Cold Exhibition in Walcot Chapel." Seldom has sumptuous art, elegant architecture, and an amazingly beautiful blond (in a striped stockings and a pink coat!) melded so sweetly together.

As if all these goodies weren't enough, there's even a blog about a work in progress...Starlight, Starbright...which gives us a glimpse into the creation of a marvelous new book...I adore the pencil sketches, the paintings, the updates, the window upon the work. Can't wait to see the finished product. 

Jackie, thank you. It is a joy to share your gorgeous work.