Friday, October 31, 2008


Click here to see the charming bit that will run, in Britain, before High School Musical 3; a brilliant bit of publicity, yes, for a book?  And, as noted earlier on art.books.children, the book happens to be about the most important of all causes: freedom. For all. What better thing to teach children?

Those Brits: what genius. Now, why didn't we think of this on our side of the pond? Wouldn't it be nice if books...especially important, beautiful, worthwhile books...were advertised at the movies? A bit of intellectual yumminess with your side o' popcorn and milk duds. 

Brain candy, for your viewing pleasure.

Cover illustration, above, by the remarkable Peter Sis. 

At the top: a delightful, and not at all dastardly, dragon
by the magnificent Chris Riddle.

Many thanks to the splendid artist Marcia Williams
 for the nifty image of the book.